California Edition 

This Grand Solar Hibernation Is Predicted
To Kill Over Two And A Half Billion People

We need to prepare for years of very cold weather that will be life threatening and reduce the amount of food that can be grown. We can expect a lot of bad things to happen including the following. Many people will freeze or starve to death. As it gets colder, there will be major earthquakes especially along the West Coast. The Cascadia Subduction Zone that had a M9.0 mega thrust earthquake and tsunami occurred sixty to seventy miles off the Pacific coastline along the Washington, Oregon and northern California coasts in 1700. New studies show how these earthquakes and others along the California fault lines coincide with solar hibernations so that they may provide the answers to when and how how much of a rupture of the zone may occur for the next event. The prediction for the next Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) event could be a full zone rupture of between an M8.0 and an M9.0 with the timing between now and 2033. These short articles are limited to just the highlights but the in depth information can be found in a book written by John L. Casey, Dr. Dong Choi, Dr. Fumio Tsunoda and Dr. Ole Humlum titled UPHEAVAL. I believe everyone should have a copy of this book as well as an earlier book by John L. Casey Titled DARK WINTER. San Francisco and Los Angeles with their new very tall buildings will ne hit the hardest with these M6.8 to 7.9 predicted earthquakes and maybe an M8.0. A great many people will lose their lives in these cities directly from the results of the earthquakes and from riots and civil unrest, criminal activity and from starving people. Highways, bridges, pipelines and the electrical grid will also be heavily damaged. We can expect to have to live without electricity for years. The sky will be very cloudy with very wet summers and 10 feet or more of snow in the mountains in the winter. Solar heating and solar electric panels will not be as effective with reduced solar radiation, blocking clouds and potential particles and sulfur dioxide from volcanoes obscuring the sun. The cost of food will skyrocket as it becomes very scarce. Times will be very hard for around 40 to 50 years. Without electricity most of the things we are used to having will not work. It will be like going back 75 years or more in much of the rural areas without electricity until the late 1930’s. There are people still around who remember what it was like to live before electricity was available. Forget your well pump, indoor plumbing. hot water, electric ranges, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, toasters, furnaces with blowers, electric blankets, electric lights, radio, television, cell phones, landline phones, computers, the internet, computer games, recorded music, electric sewing machines, the list goes on and on. We need to learn from those people on what they had to work with and how things were done.
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