Yancey edition 3/15/2018
This Grand Solar Hibernation Is Predicted
To Kill Over Two And A Half Billion People

We need to prepare for years of very cold weather that will be life threatening and reduce the amount of food that can be grown. We can expect a lot of bad things to happen including the following. Many people will freeze or starve to death. As it gets colder, the New Madrid Earth Zone will produce several magnitude 7.8 or greater earthquakes as it did in 1811 & 1812. No one knows what the one under Charleston will do. We can expect Memphis and St Louis to be very heavily damaged along with other cities in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama & other states around the zone. A great many people will lose their lives in these cities directly from the results of the earthquakes and from riots and civil unrest, criminal activity and from starving people. Highways, bridges, pipelines and the electrical grid will also be heavily damaged. We can expect to have to live without electricity, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas for years. The sky will be very cloudy with very wet summers and 10 feet of snow in the winter. Travel across the Mississippi River will not be available for a long time due to aftershocks that will delay the rebuilding of the bridges and highways. Solar heating and solar electric panels will not be as effective with reduced solar radiation, blocking clouds and potential particles and sulfuric acid from volcanoes obscuring the sun. The cost of food will skyrocket as it becomes very scarce. Times will be very hard for around 40 to 50 years. Without electricity most of the things we are used to having will not work. It will be like going back 75 years or more in much of Yancey County without electricity. Forget your well pump, indoor plumbing. hot water, electric ranges, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, toasters, furnaces with blowers, electric blankets, electric lights, radio, television, cell phones, landline phones, computers, the internet, computer games, recorded music, the list goes on and on. Burnsville may have running water without needing electric pumps by hooking back up to Bolens creek where gravity does the job.. Due to the elevations of where we live, our winter weather will be much like that of Ohio from Cincinnati to Toledo. How are we going to make it through this world desister? I hope to provide some suggestions over the next few weeks and through my blog at http://www.solarhibernation.com/

Here in Yancey County there are still some people who still remember when electricity was not available where they lived and can tell us how they lived and what they had to have and how they used it. I hope to get locals to write about their experiences that I can include on my blog. I will be back here in two weeks with potential solutions for living through this horrible period.


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