APRIL 2018

There are some people who believe what I am presenting in my articles is BS and not news. I am not going to try to change their beliefs - those they can keep. I am suggesting that they prepare for the Solar Hibernation and if it does not happen, then they will have the resources they can use for events like an EMP attack or an extended electrical blackout. On the other hand, if we go deeper into this Solar Hibernation and food gets in very short supply (not enough food to feed more than half the population), then the cost of food will skyrocket and only the very rich can afford it. The people who have prepared might have to guard their supplies with deadly force from those who have not prepared and are starving to death along with their families. Not being prepared could turn people into savages that will do anything for food. Being malnourished will make anyone more susceptible to diseases that may be antibiotic resistant. It is your choice. We only have a little over a year to get prepared. Summer of 2019 is it.

This week I am going to focus on having electricity when the grid goes down. I have put a lot of thought into solving this problem with the least amount of expense, as well as with good reliability for an extended period of time. This solution will work for small-to-large size groups of people in a building together, sharing heat and their own electric generating system. Blossman Propane got back to me saying they will have no problem providing propane even if the New Madrid Fault erupts with mega earthquakes, destroying bridges and pipelines spanning the Mississippi River.  

There are propane powered home generators but they cost over $4,000 and have limited capacity. My solution would be to get totaled cars that still have the engine intact and without too many miles on it. The person owning the car can keep it for a small amount and donate it to a church or any nonprofit. Car engines can be converted from gas to propane. Anybody good at fixing cars could learn how to convert an engine to propane. When converted, the engine can run multiple alternators to generate electricity that would be stored in batteries and then converted to AC house current. The engine can also provide heat to the building. Heat can be saved in insulated tanks of water with phase change materials year round for having hot water and for heat in cold weather.

Biogas can be generated year round if you can provide an insulated environment to keep the bacteria active in cold weather. I will provide more detailed drawings and information on how this can be done without too much expense and with limited skills on my blog . It may take me awhile to get it all done since I have gotten old with less vision and only draft by hand. It would be very helpful if someone can volunteer to help me with computer drafting skills and a program. Look for another article from me in two weeks.  


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