I need your help getting the word out to as many people around the world as we can. Please send the following message to all your friends, relatives and social media contacts.


The world has entered a 206 year sun cycle where lots of bad things are going to happen including getting very cold, food crops destroyed. earthquakes. damaged highways and runways, destroyed bridges and pipelines across the Mississippi River, destroyed grid and cities in seismic zones, food riots and civil unrest and this will last for at least 40 years.   The cities will be the most hurt and the most dangerous while the mountains will be much colder.  Food will have to be grown indoors with grow lights.  That requires electricity that may not be available where the grid is down.  We cannot live without electricity anymore. For an extensive list go to my blog with the link below. Do not expect the government to be much help.  Your bolthole probably may not work well for this disaster.  Look up Grand Solar Minimum and solar hibernation or go to my blog at for information about what will happen and what can be done to prepare.  You can read all the articles I have written over the last few months on this subject. Scientist predict that over 40% of the world's population will die during this period.  It is terrible that nobody is informing people about this and how to prepare for it.  Please help getting the word out to as many people around the world as you can.  Please send this message to all your friends, relatives and social media contacts. Anyone can call me at 1 828 682 7916 from anywhere.

I am still working on the system to produce electricity and should have drawings and specifications before too long that will be put in the blog. The cost figures are looking good so far. I am also working on another aspect that I hope will work but I am not there yet. What I am developing will also work for an EMP attack. If that were to happen to us the amount of the population to die from it could be around 90% and our government and society could collapse as in the book ONE SECOND AFTER. I am collecting information on Aquaponics where vegetables and fish are grown in a combination that enhances each. If you know anyone who is familiar with this, see if they might help us in setting up workable installations for groups. We all need to work on getting groups put together for sharing costs and responsibilities because times are going to get very tough and we will need to support each other. Talk to your Church, religious or other organization leaders where groups of like minded people can band together. I am feeling more and more like we have very little time to prepare and it may be as little as this summer and fall.

Links to how to grow food for survival.

This is a way to grow your food with both vegetables and fish


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