You all need to read William R. Forstchen’s novel ONE SECOND AFTER, which is based on research done by our government (and others) on the likely aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse attack. The novel takes place in Black Mountain, North Carolina and neighboring Montreal College. The characters are fictitious, but based real people. This novel is very informative and well written. I got a copy from the library and read it in a couple of days. You can also buy a copy from Amazon at a reasonable price. From what I already know, as well as things I learned from this book, I have developed a method of making electricity from propane or gas you can make yourself from leaves, grass clippings, sticks and other plant materials.  The system can generate a large amount of electricity, much of which can be sold back to the electric company for 5.5 cents a KWH. The heat from the motor is saved at 200+ degrees in water with phase change materials in it. This can be used for cleaning and bathing as well as heating your house. This solution is most efficient for places like churches, temples, and other organizations that have the ability to house groups of people who can share responsibilities and resources. The grid can be used (while it is up and operating) to store excess electricity, but when it is down, batteries will be required. I can provide ways for restoring dead storage batteries.  

From history, we know that the Sun and the Earth go through very consistent cycles. The earth goes through cycles that we can sense easily and directly like day and night and the seasons. The sun goes through consistent cycles but they are not as easily detectable. It is well-documented that the sun has an eleven-year cycle and a two-hundred-and-six year cycle. Scientist have also kept a record of sunspot activity for hundreds of years, and what that activity predicts. Through ice cores and the isotopes of carbon they know the earth’s temperature throughout history. These temperature records are backed up by information from cores taken from the ocean floor. Former sea creatures have prefered to live in environments of certain temperatures, so where they are found at given depths that relate in time to when they lived, the global temperature from that time can be verified.

Sunspots tell us about solar activity. The number of sunspots now have informed solar scientist that we are well into the 206 Solar Minimum - not just a regular one, but a Grand Solar Minimum, which is going to be far worse. (For more information, go to my blog and watch the links to the best solar scientist explaining what is happening and what to expect:  A few weeks ago, Doug Head told people that what I was saying was mindless drivel. If he is wrong, he is going to hold people back from preparing to live through this catastrophe until it may be too late. I am not a scientist but am very good at determining who the best are. I have studied a lot of science in my University studies as part of getting my degree.  I also know propaganda when it does not meet the facts.

Joe Maxwell
Burnsville, NC


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