​S​olar Hibernation is real and Global Warming has not been proven real

Solar Hibernation is real and Global Warming has not been proven real

All the scientist that were given grants to prove that humans are causing the earth to get warmer and cause climate change have used computer models and their predictions have all been 20% or more off what has measurably happened. The predictions by those that have predicted the Grand Solar Minimum, or Solar Hibernation, have been 100% correct. The deniers of Solar Hibernation say John L Casey is not a scientist and that is true but it does not take a scientist to find occurring cycles in the scientific literature on the sun's activity. John found a very consistent 206 year, on average, cycle where the sun goes into an extended period of hibernation lasting for 30 years or more only this time it is a grand version and will last more like 50 years. The predictions are for a lot more clouds & rain in the summers, a lot more snow &ice with extremely cold temperatures in the winters, cosmic radiation, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme food shortages. Except for extreme food shortages, snow, ice and extreme cold, these activities have already begun to happen as mentioned in previous articles. Over the next 16 years, it is going to get even cooler or colder each year until it gets extremely and deadly cold. As it gets colder, the food growing areas will have to move closer to the equator or the sea shores, that will be warmer locations

Since this is a world wide problem, solutions to these problems will cause shortages of the materials to be used.  As shortages happen, solutions will have to be modified or replaced with new solutions.  Hunting for food will soon deplete that supply.  Growing food outdoors depends on what happens with how well food will grow during​
 your growing conditions.  Greenhouses at this time are too expensive to heat, as they are today, in cold weather but I am working on a solution to that problem.  Growing food indoors has been solved with the solution I have been working on but that solution has to be implemented before the items involved get in short supply.  I am presently building a scale model of the building that is a major component involved.  An organization that can house a group of people to share expenses, gardening duties and protection will be needed to build the working system.
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Another aspect of being prepared is the development of skills to cope with the evolving conditions.  You can take courses at Mayland Community Collage as they are offered but one thing that can be done right away is to enroll any boys between the ages of 11 and 18 in the Boy Scouts.  I became an Eagle Scout and it changed my life for the better.  I learned skills that I still use today.  Camping is a major component of the learning process.  Parents of boys the right ages  really  need to get their sons and themselves involved.  Troop 502 meets on Mondays starting at 7 PM in the white house on Academy Street that is next to the parking lot behind Higgins Memorial United Methodist Church.  All are welcome. ​

Solar Hibernation Has Started To Show Itself

Have you heard about the volcanoes erupting recently? These have been predicted as part of what is going to happen around the world as the sun hibernates during this Grand Solar Minimum. This is just the beginning. Have you noticed how much more cloudy and rainy it has been lately? This is another part of what is predicted to happen during this solar hibernation along with more earthquakes.  It is going to get colder and wetter until 2034 when it reaches the coldest point and then start to slowly warm back up. Wetter winters means more snow and ice with 10 feet of snow a year or about 18 inches a month. Wetter weather also causes problems with growing food. We are already a couple of weeks later than normal in getting crops planted this year and its going to get worse. When more clouds form, more of the sun's heat radiation is reflected out into space that makes it even colder. Also when volcanoes erupt and expel ash particles that encircle the Earth, they reflect the heat back out into space. As the Earth gets colder, more food crops fail so the growing areas move further south until they are located near the equator. In South America there is very little land available for growing food. Africa is the only continent with a lot of land near the equator and it has problems that are not easily solved. With all of this, the production of food will become less and less as we get closer to 2034 when there will only be enough to feed about half the population. As food becomes more scarce, the price will skyrocket to the point that only the wealthy and politically connected will be able to get it. That is why I am sure we all need to be able to grow our food indoors using aquaponics with LED grow lights. That will require us to have a constant supply of electricity. When the power goes down, it usually happens at the worst time when we are dependent upon electricity to heat our living areas and cook our food in winter.  No matter what fuel we are using, if the system uses fans, blowers or pumps it requires electricity. Portable emergency generators are not cheap, don't provide a large amount of power and if not used correctly, are very dangerous. So what is the solution that will provide what we need safely at a reasonable price without constant problems. I don't have enough room left in this article to go into the process of solving this problem and the details of the solution so I will do it on my blog that is open to everybody.  For our new readers it is www.solarhibernation.com .  Please go to the blog, learn about the Grand Solar Minimum, look at my solutions, get involved, help this old man out and spread the word to all your friends and relatives and get them to do the same.
Joe Maxwell

Burnsville, NC


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