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Joe Maxwell is a retired industrial designer who is still designing. He has been self-employed since 1962 and has designed many major projects, such as the La Dome restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale and the Landside Terminal at Tampa International Airport, which opened in 1971, a time when the airport was voted the most liked in the world. Joe became a design consultant to Tampa International from 1980 until 1995.

Joe moved his family and business to Burnsville in 1972. From here he has worked on the interior architecture and furnishing for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, a 700-bed hospital in Chattanooga, as well as being involved in 19 airport terminals around the country.


Our climate is controlled by the sun, which goes through many cycles, including the 11 year, the 100 year, and the 206 year cycle. There are more, but their duration is too long to effect us. The most interesting are the 11 year and the 206 year cycles. The amount of sunspot…